Paper Fortune Teller

Materials needed: Paper, Coloring Utensils, Scissors 

Paper fortune tellers have been a classroom favorite for years. In this craftivity, you also get to make a game to take home! These paper fortunes tell people’s future and give you a chance to show some creativity with your match. These are fun and give you something to take home and show your families.

Step 1: Make your paper a perfect square

Step 2: Fold all 4 corners to the center of the paper.

Step 3: Flip the paper square over

Step 4: Flip all 4 corners to the center of the paper (again).

Step 5: Fold your new (smaller) square in half

Step 6: Slide your fingers under all 4 flaps using both thumbs and pointer fingers

Step 7: Pinch pointer finger and thumb together and push both toward the center

Step 8: Assign each small square on the outside a color and decorate the outside of your fortune teller

Step 9: Number the outside of each triangle on the other side of your fortune teller

Step 10: Make up your own fun fortunes and write them on the inside of each triangle

For more detailed instructions and rules for the fortune teller game, check out this blog.