Roll for fitness

Materials needed: 2 dice 

Let’s get physical, matches! Want a fun, challenging, physical activity? Well, this one’s for you. All you need is two dice and maybe a bottle of water (depending on how hard you go). The number you roll on the dice corresponds with a physical activity you do. For added fun, make this a challenge with your match or into some sort of game.

Roll a 2: 5 pushups

Roll a 3: 15 sit-ups

Roll a 4: 15 squats

Roll a 5: 20 mountain climbers

Roll a 6: 10 burpees

Roll a 7: 25 jumps

Roll an 8: 20 lunges

Roll a 9: 30 side jumps

Roll a 10: 20 plank shoulder touches

Roll an 11: 50 jumping jacks

Roll a 12: 30 high knees

Activity inspired by Keeping Kids in Motion.