Chapter Fundraising: Candygram

Written by: Hannah Miller
Marketing & Recruitment Manager

“Fundraising” can be a scary word for many of our communities. Let’s put the FUN back in fundraising with this “sweet” idea!

Candygrams are a fun way to raise money, engage students, and spread our Core Value of “strengths-based”.

Here’s how it works:
Encourage school staff, students, mentors, and supporters to buy a candygram for someone in the school. Sell the slips of paper and attach the message to a piece of candy. Announce when you plan to deliver the candygrams, and BOOM! You’ve made someone’s day.

How to: For Board Members

  1. Check out the Candygram Fundraiser Toolkit on Canva!
  2. Work with your Board Treasurer to create a fundraising goal and budget how much candy you should buy.
  3. Work with your local coordinator to get school permission and participation.
  4. Set volunteer times and dates to work a booth to sell Candygrams
  5. Once you’ve sold your Candygrams, tape the slip of paper to a candy bar, sucker, etc.
  6. Work with your local coordinator to distribute the Candygrams

How to: Sell the Grams

  1. Start advertising your fundraiser at your local school 2 weeks before you start selling Candygrams.
  2. Hang posters around the school and encourage the principal or the folks who do the morning announcements to advertise.
  3. Sell Candygrams during peak times for the school (lunch, after school, or during sporting events)
    • Note: Candygrams can only be distributed to students, TeamMates mentors, or school staff. If you’d like to mail them out, that’s fine, we’re just trying to make your life easier!
  4. Sell Candygrams between $2-$5 per gram. This will help pay for the candy bar and ensure a profit.
  5. At your booth, have the person purchasing the Candygram fill out the information on the slip, and collect it from them.
  6. Once you’ve sold all of your Candygrams or once the fundraising time is over, tape each message to a candy bar, sucker, etc.
  7. Work with the school to distribute Candygrams to students throughout the day.