Mary & John Schuele

October 16th-22nd is National Estate Planning Week. Mary & John Schuele have been longtime supporters of the TeamMates Mentoring Program and its mission. To help build awareness of the importance of planning your charitable estate, we sat down with these Legacy Builders.

How long have you been involved with the TeamMates Mentoring Program?

We have been involved with TeamMates since 1998.

What about TeamMates drew you in?

We both enjoy mentoring.  Since TeamMates is school-based it is a perfectly convenient way to meet with your mentee.  Even one hour a week with a student can make a difference.  

Mary Schuele and her mentee, Vicky, have been matched for several years. Watch their story here.

Why did you decide to invest in TeamMates?

We see in the schools the need for additional individual attention for some students who might not receive it.  Mentoring is a cost-effective and efficient way to positively impact the life of a child. We have experienced through mentoring that not only is the child’s life enriched but it can have a positive impact on the child’s whole family. We believe communities that have this type of one on one mentoring program can benefit as well. We have a strong desire to see TeamMates continue to succeed for many generations to come.

Why is it important to consider charitable giving in estate planning?

We have been very blessed during our lifetime.  We would like to ensure that the charities we believe in continue to exist and succeed for many generations. Everyone should think about the charities they are passionate about and put those desires into their estate plan.  It is important their goals and objectives can be followed through when they are gone.  

Mary & John served as honorary chairs for the 2019 TeamMates Gala featuring Dwyane Wade and Gabriel Union.

Interested in creating a legacy within TeamMates? Contact TeamMates Foundation Board President, Suzanne Hince, at