Mentee recruitment

Written by: Hannah Miller

Recruiting mentees can be hit or miss. Sometimes you have so many kids who want a mentor, you can’t get your list narrowed down! If you’re starting a new program in your community, you may need to do some mentee recruitment to make sure every kid knows they’re welcome on our team.

Here’s a fun activity you can do with any age group in grades 3-12 to promote TeamMates.

What you need:
1 Post-It note per student
Writing utencil for each student

SPEAKER: Today we’re going to talk about the TeamMates Mentoring Program. How many of you have heard of TeamMates or are in TeamMates?

–wait for hands—

SPEAKER: GREAT! Now I want everyone to take this post-it note and write one thing you did wrong today. One thing that affected you in a negative way.

–wait for everyone to write—

SPEAKER: Thank you. How did that feel?


SPEAKER: Not great right? Now I want you to turn to an elbow partner and say one thing you did right today. One positive thing that happened.

–give 2 minutes—

SPEAKER: How did that feel? A lot better right? Imagine if you did that every day. That would feel pretty great! TeamMates gives you the opportunity to learn your strengths by pairing you up with a mentor. You meet once a week at school at this time and play a board game, work on a craft, or just talk.

Anyone can be in TeamMates, and guess how much it costs? NOTHING. You just let (teacher’s name) know you want a mentor, and we’ll have your parents sign a quick form. We’ll try to find an adult to pair you with that you have something in common with.

Now I want you take that post-it note and crumple it up in a ball and throw it in the trash on your way out.. In TeamMates, we don’t care about what grade you got on your math test, or if you got in a fight with your brother.

Look to your left…. Now to your right… the chances of you having the exact same strength as the person sitting next to you is 1 in 33 million. You each have your own unique strengths and your mentor is here to help you see them.

To sign up, talk to (coordinator’s name) and we’ll get you a mentor soon!