National Mentoring Month 2023

Alayna Nannen
Lead Content Creator
Storytelling Intern

We’re proud to announce the 2023 National Mentoring Month theme will be “Share Your Shine”!

As a Strengths-based program, TeamMates matches focus on what’s right about one another. During this month of gratitude, we ask that our matches think about when their mentor OR mentee are at their best.

Starting January 1, TeamMates’ National Office will be celebrating the impact mentoring has on communities. We’ll be showing how our matches shine each week.

Check out the resources below so you can share how your local chapter shines during National Mentoring Month.

Activity: Share Your Shine PostCard

Strengths-spotting is a great bucket-filler for all ages. Download the postcard and instructions below to make someone’s day during National Mentoring Month. This is good for matches, school staff, corporations, boards, or even families.

Ideas to Celebrate Matches

Several chapters use National Mentoring Month as a time to make their matches feel like they are part of a team. Our Training & Match Support team at the National Office put together a list of ideas you can use to make your mentors and mentees feel loved. Click the red button below to download the list.

Social Media

National Mentoring Month is a great time to promote your chapter on social media. If you’d like to create a page for your chapter, please schedule a quick training with TeamMates’ Marketing & Recruitment Manager, Hannah Miller. Check out the toolkit below to celebrate National Mentoring Month.

Important dates

January 1- National Mentoring Month begins

January 11 – I Am A Mentor Day!

January 26th – Thank Your Mentor Day!