Tom Walsh Sr.

Tom Walsh Sr. is a Legacy Builder in the TeamMates Mentoring Program. Tom saw the need for TeamMates in his community of Sioux Falls, SD, and helps fund the local program through his foundation, GreatLIFE Cares. His great work and contribution are serving 60+ students in the Sioux Falls area. He also mentors a 5th-grade boy in Sioux Falls.

Tom Walsh Sr. attending the 2021 TeamMates Gala with special guest, Alex Rodriguez.

Out of all the different considerations of programs to support, what led you to choose TeamMates?

“With the need for more male mentors, the tie-in with Tom Osborne’s history and reputation would have a very positive appeal for male mentors. Additionally, I like the focus of being one-on-one, relationship-based, and a long-term connection.”

Your sister is also a big part of your local TeamMates program, what does it mean to you to have her along with you through this journey of being a part of this program?

Pam Fritz
Rapid City TeamMates Advisory Committee Member
Rapid City TeamMates Mentor

“I am very proud of her! I was surprised that my sister was involved with TeamMates, but her being a former teacher, it would be natural for her.”

If you had one wish or hope for TeamMates, what would that be?

“If I had one wish for TeamMates, it would be a national program in every state.”

Why is supporting TeamMates important to you?

“Supporting TeamMates is important to me because of the positive impact it can have on kids and their families futures.”