Mentees Doing Good: Cesia

Cesia Marino joined TeamMates around 2002 when she was a middle schooler in Columbus, NE. Now, as an adult, Cesia is in the process of becoming a TeamMates mentor in Omaha. We caught up with her, and she’s doing big things! Here’s a quote from her New Mentor Application.

“My mentor, Jeannie Kiser, made a huge difference in my life. She became my mentor when I was about 12 years old. She positively experienced my life and made me believe that I could go to college and pursue higher education. She helped me every step of the way and taught me what I needed to do to apply for college. We have continued to stay in touch, even after so many years, and I see her as a second mother. She has affected my life in such a positive way, that I want to be able to give that back to someone else. I feel I could be a good role model in someone’s life.”

Cesia, Jeannie, and Jeannie’s husband, Clif, at Cesia’s wedding in 2016.

Cesia is now a mental health therapist in Omaha. Way to go Cesia!