Strike a pose!

We’ve all seen the adorable photos of kids on their first day of school. We decided to put our own spin on the cute photo-op!

Important Note: Please do not post photos of your mentee on social media. You can either keep the photo for your own memories or send it to your local coordinator.

Step 1: Download the sign

This simple PDF is all you need! Click the download button, and fill in the prompts.

  1. Start with both of your names at the top.
  2. Write the year
  3. How long have you been matched? Note: It’s okay if this is your first meeting!
  4. Where do you mentor? Please write the school district, not the school.
  5. What do you like to do together? If this is your first meeting, what is your favorite board game or craft you look forward to working on?
  6. What’s the next best thing you’re looking forward to?

Step 2: Take the picture

Ask your building coordinator or a school staff person to take your photo at your first meeting.

Note: Please DO NOT share your photo on social media. TeamMates’ digital communication policy prohibits mentors from posting photos of students online. You can save the photo for your memories, print it off, or send it to your local coordinator. If your student has parental permission in place, the local chapter can post the photo on its Facebook Page.