Yarn Letters

Written by: Alayna Nannen
Lead Storyteller

This festive activity is perfect for any occasion, any holiday, and all ages in TeamMates. You can use Christmas-themed words, family names, or loop them onto a garland for a “Happy Birthday” sign for another time!

Supplies needed:
Yarn (at least 2 colors)
Hot glue gun

Amount of time: 15-25 minutes

Step 1

Decide what word (or words) you’re going to create and cut the desired letters from the cardboard.

Step 2

Carefully place a little bit of hot glue on the cardboard letter and begin wrapping yarn around the letter to secure it into place. Continue wrapping the cardboard with yarn until the entire letter is covered.

Step 3

Dab a dot of hot glue where the yarn stops on the letter to keep everything in place. If desired, make a loop of yarn and hot glue it onto the backside of the letter to create an ornament.

Here’s an example of our holiday ornament!

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