Back to Basics: Reigniting Your Match

Written by: Kristin Kudrna
Training & Support Coordinator

After summer and other school breaks, as a TeamMates volunteer, it is important to remind your mentee that even though you were apart for a while, you always thought of them and looked forward to reconnecting.

Here are 6 tips to reignite and reconnect with your mentee:

1. Be the mentor

Don’t try to be a therapist, parent, tutor, or social worker.

2. Communicate with your local program coordinator or building coordinator

Ask for your mentee’s meeting schedule, the school district calendar, and any other basic school volunteer information.

3. Take it slow

It is healthy to ease back into the relationship. Try not to reenter the relationship with high expectations that you two will just “pick up where you left off”. While that may be the case for some, others may need to be patient as trust is rebuilt. Own the awkwardness and get reacquainted!

4. Allow your mentee to guide the time

As you allow your mentee to take the lead on conversations, activities, games, crafts, etc. you are sharing power with them!

5. Be realistic

Your mentee may have experienced a lot over this summer or school vacation and you may notice some changes in your mentee. Allow them to show you their authentic selves and show up authentically as well, this will create a safe space where trust can be rebuilt.

6. Be consistent

This means show up when you say you will be there and do what you say you are going to do. Ensure that you meet with your mentee once a week, preferably on the same day each week for consistency purposes.

For more useful tips, check out our mentor resources!

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