Giving Tuesday: November 29th

All over the world, generous people will be doing good for causes near and dear to their hearts on Giving Tuesday.

We ask you to consider giving to TeamMates on Tuesday, November 29th. We have several campaigns operating that day, so please choose your favorite below to get started.

Act of Kindness: Strengths Spotted!

Here’s a FREE way to give back on November 29th!

Participate in TeamMates’ Act of Kindness and give a friend a boost. As a strengths-based organization, we encourage meaningful conversations between matches by talking about what’s right with one another. Adults can also benefit. Gallup research shows that employees are 3.2X more likely to produce outstanding work when managers provide weekly feedback. This is a free and easy way to do it!

Here’s how to strengths spot someone on November 29th:

Download the Strengths Spotted Graphic and post it on a team member’s desk, social media, or email it to them individually. Gallup’s research shows that recognition is most effective when it’s done in a way your teammate finds meaningful. If your employee likes public recognition, post it on their desk. If they prefer private recognition, send it in an email.

Here’s an example of what to post on social media or what to write in an email:

You’ve been Strengths Spotted! I see your (insert strength) in action when you…

You’ve been Strengths Spotted! I love working with you because…

I love having you as a teammate because….

You are a great friend because…

South Dakota Gives

For the first time, TeamMates of South Dakota is participating in South Dakota Gives on Giving Tuesday! We’ve incorporated our branding with their toolkit for our chapters in South Dakota to utilize. For a look at how you can donate, click the button below.

The Toolkit