Hamburg TeamMates: Small town, big heart

Written by: Ashley Denton
Iowa Regional Coordinator

As you drive into the town of Hamburg, Iowa, you are greeted with a strong sense of heart. In fact, if Hamburg TeamMates could be summarized in one word, community, comes to mind! Program Coordinator, Lindsey Fann, and the Hamburg TeamMates Board have created a strong sense of family within their chapter. Mentees have shared that they love the large group events that are hosted by the chapter because they enjoy spending time with other TeamMates matches in the program!  

Hamburg TeamMates describes the effects that TeamMates has had on their community as, “A positive impact on the students, school, and community of Hamburg! Students are eager to meet with their mentors and have shown more positive attitudes towards school and life.”  

Within strong communities lie strong leaders! As Program Coordinator, Lindsey is motivated by the notion that “it takes a village to raise a child”. She believes that the more positive role models in a child’s life, the more likely the child will be to reach their fullest potential. Lindsey also feels strongly that TeamMates provides children with their personal role models to help shape them into the best versions of themselves.  

Small, rural communities, like Hamburg, are a great fit to partner with TeamMates. The TeamMates Mentoring Program provides additional support for students that is different from parental or guardianship support. The Hamburg chapter holds strongly to the idea that EVERY STUDENT deserves to have another cheerleader or forever friend rooting for them in life. TeamMates provides that to students in the form of a mentor.  

Hamburg TeamMates sees other valuable benefits of partnering with the TeamMates Mentoring Program. The partnership provides another way for students to broaden their horizons and/or perspectives.  

“The program allows our students to experience the world outside of Hamburg, as well as enabling our students to come into contact with more than their family and classmates,” added the Hamburg Board members. 

Through TeamMates, mentors and mentees can attend plays, musicals, symphonies, bowling, hockey games, and so much more! As a local chapter, Hamburg TeamMates organizes at least one large outing annually, in addition, to match activities in their own community. Their chapter appreciates all of the support that they receive from the mentee’s parents, the school, and the community!  

Three powerful words that can be used to describe Hamburg TeamMates would be… 

Family. Community. Heart 

Thank you for helping mentees reach their full potential through mentoring!